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When food holds half the sky.

Proper nutrition during the work – out is important as the body needs the fuel to allow the body to sustain the rigors of the workout. The achievement of your fitness goals relies heavily on the nutrition that you provide to your body. Eating sensibly holds the key to allow you to attain the results you have dreamed of. Not eating anything before the workout will actually cause your body to lose the bulk of the muscle. When you are hungry – Fitness Hacks, the body gets the protein from the muscles to turn it into glucose to fuel the body. This will cause loss of a muscle mass, slowing down your metabolism and in turn, make it harder to lose weight. Without the fuel that drives the movement of the body you cannot turn your body into the fat – burning machine.

Starving yourself prior to a workout will not allow you maximize the workout regime in burning the calories limit your ability to burn the calorie. It is best to avoid starvation by having small frequent meals all throughout the day and never missing meals. In this way, your metabolism is still well functioning fueled by the activities of your digestive system and this may well translate to burning your fat deposits.

The intake of food and the absorption of nutrients prior to your workout, during your workout and after the work out during the recovery period is as significant as the exercises in itself. The sufficient amount of food before, during and after the workout assists your body to maintain blood glucose levels, enhances your performance and assist you in the recovery period. Aside from this, hydration should be considered to balance the fluid loss.

Whatever your workout goals are – lose weight, build muscle, enhance health or compete in sports, what you eat before, during and after a workout affects your results. You dietary list should assist you in achieving your workout goals. Select your food thoughtfully and you will be rewarded by your body later on – Fitness Hacks.

For a successful diet, you need to not only introduce the right amount of food but also to consume quality meals, so you must avoid fast food and replace it with fruits, whole meal pastry products, and low-carb foods. You should consume the right amount of food and drinks, avoid fast food and focus on the natural produce like the fruits and vegetables, whole wheat carbohydrates. Instead of pork have a means meat or fish. Replace pork with lean meat or fish and replace potatoes with rice, especially brown rice.

Fitness Hacks: Prior to the workout

Two hours prior to the workout, you should already be fueling and hydrating your body. You have starved yourself the previous night so you should have an intake prior to the strenuous exercise. Carbohydrates with some protein can help curb your hunger. You can have whole grain cereals and non – fat milk. You may also take in the whole wheat toast with a fat – free yogurt, whole grain pasta, brown rice and of course fruits and vegetables. Oatmeal (about ½ cup) sweetened with stevia is a good alternative. This is significant especially if you have a run, a cardiovascular activity or even an aerobics class. The amount of activity that you are going to take depends on how heavy (in duration and intensity) your activities will be. You can take in a 200 – 400 calories based on that information. If you are running late and only has few minutes prior to the workout, consume fruits such as banana or apple as these are easily digestible carbohydrates

Fitness Hacks: During the workout

During workout food to take fitness hacks

High Carbohydrate Foods | Fitness Hacks

Hydration is very important during the workout. Suffice to say that you should take 10 ounces every 10 minutes of exercise. For the food intake, you can have carbohydrates like brown rice, whole wheat bread for about 30 grams for every 30 minutes. This is good if the workout is lengthy as it can provide you energy to sustain you through the exercises. Carbohydrates are stored in the form of glycogen and are released slowly during strenuous activities. With regards to the sports drink, it can be taken during the workout if the exercise is under an intense heat and you are sweating a lot.

Fitness Hacks: After the workout

The food that you eat after the workout helps repair the strained muscle and allows you to refuel. After your workout, the body tries to rebuild its glycogen stores and repair and rejuvenate those muscle proteins. Eating a sensible amount of protein post workout gives your body the amino acids it needs to repair and rebuild these proteins. It can give you the building blocks required for the development of new muscle tissues. A small amount of protein can also replenish the glycogen stores. Non – fat milk is a good source of this needed protein. Carbohydrates will also be significant at these times. Experts recommend eating carbohydrate – rich food 30 minutes after the exercises. Fitness Hacks about he body’s ability to restore muscle stores will decrease by 50 percent if you will eat later, after two hours.

Whole foods provide an effective blend of carbohydrates, protein fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that build muscle, supply energy, decrease inflammation, and boost recovery. Intake of solid food, smoothies, and even sports drink is allowed and will greatly vary on the individual’s preferences and tolerance.

The best time to be taking in food is one to two hours prior life hacks to and after the workout so it will have a beneficial effect on the body.

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