Fitness Gadgets – Top 5 Cool Gadgets For Your Home That Will Improve Your Fitness

Summertime always heralds the arrival of the fitness gadgets bandwagon. With continually advancing technology, fitness gadgets have never been more popular. There are gadgets to help us wake up in the morning and gadgets to help us relax for sleep at night. There are gadgets to count the steps we take and evaluate our BMI.

With the overwhelming choices at hand, it is important to remember that no gadget runs on good intentions. Studies show that every bit of extra activity is constructive. So get moving! Pick a gadget, or a few, and jump on the bandwagon. There is no time better than now.

1. Treadmill Desk

fitness gadgets Treadmill DeskThe treadmill desk is one of the most exciting new trends in office furniture since the rolling chair. This desk is a natural offshoot of the standing desk that has been gaining in popularity. Office workers and especially home office workers are finding the health and fitness benefits of standing instead of sitting.

The introduction of a fitness gadgets treadmill under the standing desk was a game changer. How fit would you be if you spent seven or eight hours every day walking? What kind of a win would it be to do that walking while also doing the work necessary to earn a living?

As fitness gadgets go, this one is a stand up hit.

2. Treadwall

fitness gadgets treadwallA treadwall is a rock climbing wall that has a rotating climbing surface for uninterrupted climbing. There are several models to fit any age, any available space, and any budget. Some models have a 6 ft. climbing surface and some have a 4 ft. surface. Some models come with an angle adjustment feature for even more versatility of the workout. There are also models available for use by children.

A treadwall can be used by beginners for fun or by experienced rock climbers for training. The adjustable speed control allows the climber to utilise an intense and difficult workout or an easy climb.

As gadgets go, this one is top of the (rock) heap.

3. Ball Chair

fitness gadgets ball chairPeople have been using fitness balls to sit on as part of their exercise regimen for years. These large, firm, generally rubber balls are excellent for working on pelvic and abdominal strength and for building back muscles.

Unfortunately, when used as chairs, the balls can be hard to manage so it inhibits productivity. Designers added chair parts as a way to maintain stability and provide a sense of security and the new fitness gadgets ball chairs were born. These chairs can help improve balance and posture while contributing to your core strengthening program. There are a number of styles to answer every need and budget.

As fitness gadgets go, this one is made for having a (fitness) ball.

4. Smart Scale

fitness gadgets Withings odyscaleA smart scale is a truly revolutionary fitness device that is taking the smart fitness phenomenon to a whole new level. These scales can track weight, BMI, heart rate, body fat, and more. There is a model to augment every kind of popular fitness band.

When you step onto a smart scale, all of the information is sent to your computer or iPhone and synced with your fitness band for truly integrated fitness planning. You can know at a glance if you are on track with your weight loss plan or your muscle building aspirations.

As fitness gadgets go, this one is a heavy hitter.

5. Smart Weights

fitness gadgets smart weights

Smart weights are exactly what the name implies. They will send the information to your device and make it easy to track your progress. There are a number of models, brands, and weight configurations to choose from.

These weights make a nice addition to any fitness regimen. They record repetitions, sets, and resistance levels for you. They can also customise your workout routine and nudge you along when needed. Smart weights sync with your fitness band and your smart scale to give you an all-around snapshot of your fitness endeavours.

Visit websites like and you will see that there are many types to choose from. There is one to accommodate every home and every budget.

As fitness gadgets go, this one is brilliant.

Fitness Gadgets Conclusion

The truth is, fitness is smarter than ever, and millions of people are embracing a smarter way to manage it. The advancing technology has produced innumerable fitness applications. We can track every aspect of our day right from our device.

We ask each other, “How many steps did you take today?” or “How is your heart rate?”. Those are questions that would have garnered a strange look in the past, but now we trade those facts in a normal conversation.

We live in a quickly changing world, and knowledge is power. The smarter our health and fitness gadgets become, the healthier and more fit we become. The healthier and more fit we become, the more powerful we will be.